Do you wish to do a job in the healthcare sector? The answer could be a YES or NO, but we need to tell you that the sector is flourishing. The healthcare sector is filled with good job opportunities for skilled people. 

The healthcare sector is going through a technological transformation. Due to the aging population, there’s a need for new and skilled healthcare workers. 

Since you’re here for a reason, we would like to share the top 6 healthcare jobs you can apply for in Canada. Let’s get started! 

#1 Registered nurse 

Being a registered nurse in Canada is a wise thought. Firstly, you get to care for people. Secondly, the average salary of a registered nurse is close to $80000 (CAD). 

Registered nurses can choose their timing of work. There are plenty of jobs for nurses and registered nurses, so feel free to apply. You can search for healthcare jobs at – there are many jobs to apply for. 

#2 Pharmacist 

If you have knowledge about medicines and have studied it thoroughly, then you can apply for pharmacist jobs. 

The average salary is close to $95000 (CAD). It’s good pay and the quality of life in Canada is excellent. 

#3 Physiotherapist 

Older people, athletes, and many others need a physiotherapist. As a physiotherapist, you can touch the right points and help people reduce pain. 

The average salary is close to $51,000 (CAD). You need to have the skill and the qualification to be a physiotherapist. 

#4 Psychologist 

Psychology isn’t about reading people’s minds. You understand human nature and why people react a certain way. 

Psychologists are earning a lot of money. The average salary is about $95,000 which is quite impressive. 

#5 Dieticians/Nutritionist 

Wouldn’t you love an obesity-free nation? There are many people who want to lose weight for a number of reasons. They are suffering from diabetes, PCOD, PCOS, obesity, blood pressure, heart conditions, and other ailments. Perhaps someone wants to gain weight. 

You can help people out by designing a nutrition plan. 

#6 Veterinarians and their assistants 

There are dog and cat lovers all over the world. If you find yourself in a situation where you would love to do something for animals, you can become a veterinarian. It can be for a good cause at an NGO or a private clinic of your own. 

You could also join a clinic/hospital for animals. 

Concluding Thoughts: 

You can join the healthcare sector and reap the monetary, social, and emotional benefits. It is satisfying to be in the healthcare sector because you get to help people out.