Amazon is an American multinational technology company that secures one of the top five companies in the U.S. In today’s date, every person operates this shopping app. Amazon offers millions of products, including clothes, accessories, electrical appliances, and whatnot. So, Amazon is a vast platform where we can order anything (from pencil to laptop).

Still, Amazon offers a variety of products at a decent rate, and sellers can earn a markable earning from this software. But for Amazon, the pleasure of their customers matters a lot, and for this reason, Amazon has created strict laws and regulations that one should follow. And, if any seller breaks the rule, then that seller has to go through Amazon suspension. And to solve this issue, Amazon suspension help will be a perfect choice.

As with amazon suspension help, it will be easy to locate the actual problem (as it requires an ideal execution plan). You will also get a clear idea of writing an amazon suspension appeal. A short introduction about amazon suspension appeal is that you have to appeal effectively, and you will get a reply within 2 or 3 days to reinstate your suspended account.

Now, as we know how to handle amazon suspension, we still don’t understand what amazon suspension is and why amazon removes selling privileges. So, let’s talk about this topic in depth. Also, there are a few misconceptions about this concept that we will clarify.

What Is Amazon Suspension?

Amazon suspension is a process in which amazon will ban or extract your selling account, which means you can’t sell your product on amazon. And in this process, the budgets may be held as well; you still have to complete and transmit the previous order you have already taken (to avoid more problems). The stages of amazon suspension are divided into three stages, and they are: Suspension, Denied and Banned.

  • Suspension: This stage is not that significant, as amazon is just alerting you. At this point, you have to write an Amazon suspension appeal (as discussed above).
  • Denied: This stage happens when Amazon is not comfortable with your appeal. But you can still try (by indicating the POA).
  • Banned: Still, if your POA is denied, there is no option left. So one piece of advice is to take every step by staying calm.

Why Amazon Removes Selling Privileges?

Not selling the right products, hacking the system, and not providing exceptional service may be the motives behind the suspension of your Amazon account. So, stay aware and do try doing this thing again.

Misconceptions About Amazon Suspension

·        You Will Know The Reason For Suspension

A department in Amazon (named as product quality department) primarily supplies the ASIN linked with the customer’s issue. But the reason behind the suspension is non-specific. In short, if the customer has a complaint, then it’s your responsibility to look over that issue.

·        Suspension In Amazon Is Rare

Whether you are the top seller or not, Amazon will keep an eye on everything, and if you are misbehaving or having a negative review, then amazon will surely take action.

So, Amazon gives you a chance by saying amazon suspension. And don’t lose this opportunity; take a correct decision with your wet hands and goosebumps.