Andy Frisella of the Real AF podcast created the 75 Hard mental fitness challenge. The initial challenge in the 75-hard phase of the Live Hard Program is 75 hard. The Live Hard Program consists of three more phases, all of which are completed within one year. It is essential to emphasize that the 75 Hard and Live Hard Programs each bring the additional benefit of mental and physical well-being and have exceptional results for individuals who are committed to the challenge.

You can customize and adapt the 75-difficulty challenge to meet your own dietary and physical goals. The waters, the progress image, and the necessary reading are the only unchangeable parts of live hard program phase 1.

There are no days for makeup. Failures in non-negotiable components necessitate resuming the 75-Hard procedure from the beginning. As is the situation in life, this implies that occurrences outside your control could result in failure.

75 Hard Challenge

The 75 Hard challenge, the first of the 75-day challenges, has gotten the most attention. It can be accessed for free by listening to Andy’s podcasts, which are also freely accessible (again caution about language). The app and book are optional, but they may be useful.


  • Two 45-minute workouts every day, at least three hours apart. The other must then be outside regardless of weather conditions.
  • Keep the tight lifestyle you desire. Do not drink alcohol or take cheat meals.
  • Carnivore Keto, GAPS, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Primal, and Whole 30 are among examples.
  • Create a daily photo of your progress.
  • Consume 1 gallon of plain water per day.
  • Read 10 pages of a self-improvement or business book daily. The absence of audiobooks. Remember that if you fail to accomplish these five steps, you must restart your project from the beginning.

Little alterations to your daily routine and the formation of new habits can have a profound effect on your life. Make Friends and Influence Others is a must-read classic. Get the Day 7 routines to help you relax and accomplish more.

Atomic Routines: Cultivate positive behaviors and eliminate negative ones. This is a great life-changing book.

Make your bed: Little, fundamental factors that can affect your life and the planet at large. The Wim Hof Method allows you to attain your fullest potential.

Economics and Finance

Deep Work: Do not engage in multitasking and consider the outcomes of digging deep and pushing through dullness. “Business Made Simple.” This book by Story Brand, which is ideal for sales websites, sales pitches, and describing your product, will assist you if you become confused and lose.

The Four-Hour Workweek: Tim Ferris’s best-selling book on entrepreneurship, exceeding expectations, and making more money while working less. You will require a budget. I am a fan of this budgeting method! It is similar to an envelope method, except it involves an application. The Rule of Ten, According to the definition, extreme success exceeds the limitations of normal activity. If you want to attain the highest level of success, you cannot be like everyone else and accept substandard performance. To ensure significant success, you must eliminate luck and chance from your company plan.