People in Rupert, Idaho are in love with self-storage, which is an excellent option if you are moving to a new place, want to store seasonable equipment, or decluttering your home. However, finding where you place your belongings can be tricky. Some mistakes can prevent you from making the most of your space. Here are mistakes to avoid when it comes to storage units rupert idaho

Not Choosing the Right Unit Size

If it is your first time renting a self-storage unit, you may find it hard to estimate the correct unit size. Although small self-storage units are more affordable, you don’t want to cramp all your stuff into a small area. Sure, you may save money now; however, you could damage your belongings in the long run. If you are not sure of the unit size to choose, a reputable facility has people who can help you. 

Not Planning Well

Boxes should be organized in the storage unit. This can save you work when you need to retrieve something. Crowding the storage unit with boxes and things everywhere will make it hard for you to find what you need someday. 

In addition, every box must be labeled, so you know what’s in them. Have a plan in place when storing items away. Place items you may have to access sooner at the front of your unit. You can place bulkier items in the back. Make sure to leave space, so you can easily reach everything. 

Not Investing in Storage Insurance

Typically, storage facilities are not liable for damage that happens to your items while they are stored. You should buy insurance to cover every item in our self-storage unit. While your homeowners’ insurance may cover self-storage, making a claim on it could impact your premium. Most storage facilities provide self-storage protection plans for an extra fee. 

Not Investing in Quality Packing Materials

When storing items in self-storage units, you need to pack them correctly. When you wrap items using printed newspaper, the ink from the newspaper might bleed onto your belongings and stain them. Pick quality packing supplies such as sturdy bubble wrap to ensure your fragile items do not break during the move. Leather sofas or wooden furniture can be covered with towels and blankets. This protects costly furniture from scratches and prevents dust from piling up on upholstered furnishings. 

Additionally, make sure the boxes you use have a high crush rating. Use the correct-sized boxes for your belongings. A lot of storage facilities sell packaging supplies to make packaging and moving your items more convenient. 

Not Keeping a Record of Your Belongings

You need to have a list of all the items you put in storage. You want to avoid confusion when you look for items later. By keeping a record of items you place in the storage unit, you know where to find them. 

Not Researching the Storage Facility

You are storing your valued items in a facility. Thus, you must know its credentials before you sign the lease. Do your homework and check out customer reviews online to learn more about it and the amenities it provides. Look into their safety and security features and general reputation.