Most brands today desire a customized plastic bag for their business. This improves brand awareness and satisfaction of the customers. Due to the demand for printing logos, brand name etc. on the bags, several plastic bag manufacturers specializes in the same. 

Several forms of printing are used, of which flexography is gaining prominence these days.

How does flexography enhance printing on plastics? 

Flexographic presses have been around for decades and are used to print content on plastic bags. 

Let us talk about how flexographic press enhances printing- 

A] Performance

Whenever you employ something into your work, you evaluate its performance. Flexographic printing is believed to be a fast process. After initial set up, the automation and quick drying inks result in a very high performance. Amount of ink can be pre-set, which in turn saves resources and production costs; by minimizing loss of ink. 

B] High Quality Image

Flexographic press printing imprints images with a high resolution. Initially, there used to be problems of Halo effect, dot bridging but through the newest developments, this has been eradicated. The images obtained are bright, crisp, and neat. The precision, high contrast and finery is also appreciable.

C] Diverse Color Range

With flexographic printing, one can get access to numerous colors. Sac plastique personnalisé Junise: provides an option of 10 colors to choose from, and they have advanced expertise in flexographic printing. Flexographic printing renders better white opacity as well. 

D] Eco-sustainability

Printing industry has been scrutinized for the ill-effects it has on the environment and this has been a rising concern. Flexographic printing makes use of water inks as well; avoiding the solvent-based inks which require cleaning material consisting of volatile organic compounds.  A high-quality print which makes use of water ink is ecologically sustainable and its usability can’t be underestimated. Solvent based inks can also be used if one desires it. 

Flexographic printing provides great return on investment since the costs involved with printing using flexography are minimal. It makes use of minimal and affordable ink, the plates used last quite long, and labor required is also minimal. Due to advancements in technology, the waste generation has also been managed. Therefore, flexographic printing is something that provides superior quality prints with less effort, time, and money. Not only that, it is also environmentally-safe, which makes it a popular choice. The high quality and affluency of colors make the prints of your brand stand out.