Do you want your advertisements to leap off the page and immediately capture the attention of potential buyers? Do you ever contemplate adding a particular effect to your projects?

Even while thermography printing is unique, it is not the only thing TEAM Concept Printing does. We also provide a number of additional services because we have various printing tools on hand. No matter what you or your company needs, we are sure to customize it to your exact standards.

The Thermographic Printing Method

Ink and powdered resin are combined and baked together to provide the raised and textured appearance of this specialized printing method. The picture is first produced with offset printing and slow-drying ink. As the wet printed sheets are passed through a tunnel, the resin is sprinkled on them. Printing sheets are coated over their inked parts before the extra ink is removed. After that, the resin is melted to form a three-dimensional vitreous imprint.

The color of the ink is not changed since the particles employed in this printing method are transparent. For thermography, a range of powders, including those with varying degrees of shine, mattress, and coarseness, can be utilized. Consult a printing expert to choose the best powder to use.

When Is Thermographic Printing Appropriate?

Thermography printing is used for a number of purposes, although it is most commonly seen on business cards and other sorts of stationery. Greeting cards, wedding invites, report covers, and other business marketing materials are also often used. The fact that thermography printing is far less expensive than engraving while producing magnificent results has undoubtedly contributed to its rapid rise in popularity.

Thermographic Printing Advantages

One of the primary benefits of this printing method is the glossy, professional image it provides for advertising materials. Furthermore, for individuals in need of such services, it is a far less expensive choice to engrave or emboss. Customers like thermography printing’s ability to give printed items a raised look. Furthermore, the colors produced by thermography printing are more brilliant, which is beneficial for company owners looking to build a print project that will capture the attention of clients.

What Other Options & Embellishments Are There?

Thermography printing is one method for making promotional items stand out from the crowd. Some examples of these offerings are shown below.

Metallic Foil High-Pressure Stamping

In a hot stamping machine, the object to be stamped is put beneath a mounted and heated die. Roll-leaf carriers that have been metalized or painted are placed between the die and the press. When the paint or foil dries, it leaves an imprint on the product’s surface. Dye-stamping causes little pollution because it employs dry materials. By applying pressure and heat, the appropriate foil pieces are freed from the carrier material and affixed to the printing surface.

Hot stamping frequently employs foil stamping equipment in addition to dies and foil. Dies can be constructed of metal or silicone rubber, and they can be molded or cast instantly. They are adaptable enough to compensate for surface defects yet also detailed enough to transfer there.

Multi-layer coatings, known as foils, can be applied on the outside of a product to provide additional protection. A nonmetal foil has three layers: an adhesive base, a color layer, and a release layer. Use aluminum or chromium instead if you want colorful or metallic foil. Gold, silver, bronze, and copper are among the metal tones available in metallic foil’s shiny sheen.

Pigment foil lacks a metallic gloss and can be sparkling or matte. A three-dimensional picture on holographic foil paper emphasizes certain areas of a digitally printed application. Both leather and paper are common printing substrates.

Cards, announcements, and invitations are the most common items for metallic foil hot stamping. Its designs can be as simple or as complex as the materials on which it is applied.

Die Cutting Services

A “die” is a printing industry term for a metal device of an appropriate form that, like a cookie cutter, is used to generate accurate cuts in the paper. It makes a clean, crisp cut through the substrate. A shaped cutter like this may be used to generate eye-catching graphics in the cutout itself or to cut out unusual forms for promotional materials.

Die-cuts can be created for both beauty and usefulness. Die-cuts may be both visually appealing and functional, as in an envelope with a cutout form that allows the customer to grip and slide the contents out. It’s nearly hard to resist touching and engaging with die-cut half-moon shapes on the outside of an envelope carrying a promotional item.

Cutting dies may be used to make a number of promotional items.

  • Brochures \sFolders
  • Sales Packaging \sDisplays \sInvitations
  • Greeting cards
  • Hooks for doorstops

Remember that die-cutting is not always the best solution. They work well on thicker paper, cardboard, vinyl, and adhesives but not on thin paper. Furthermore, complex designs are not necessarily smart ideas. Because the term “complex” is subjective, we want you to share your thoughts with us so that we may best serve you.

There are three primary advantages of utilizing this design tool:

  • They distinguish themselves via their rarity and originality, expressing a feeling of superiority and achievement.
  • They provide the marketing piece with a tactile touch that holds the reader’s attention. This encourages customers to investigate the products more by touching and scrutinizing them, comparable to the effect of adding a layer.
  • They may drastically alter the atmosphere by instilling a sense of mystery. A similar impression may be accomplished by combining a cutaway that reveals some of what’s inside with an unusual shape for the item itself.


TEAM Concept Printing offers far more than the options described above. When it comes to producing marketing materials that will stand out amid the heaps of letter-size envelopes, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. Please click here for more information on the services we offer.

You and our experts may work together to analyze your situation and develop a strategy to increase your company’s exposure and attract more customers. You will never need to hunt for another printing firm after using our services!

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