Traders must make quick decisions in asset trading, particularly while trading with gold, but deviating from their plan can often lead to issues like overtrading, where rapid expansion outpaces financial capacity. Without securing appropriate funding, or overtrading while engaged in gold trading can result in business collapse.

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What is overtrading?

Excessive buying/selling of financial assets, especially using disproportionate amount of funds, is known as overtrading. It can often derail your portfolios. While no rules restrict individual traders to do overtrading, however, such unregulated trading may often end up with serious consequences. 

Therefore, it is important that you must do your trading with gold prudently by analyzing the current trend of a gold price prevailing on the market.

Few classic symptoms of overtrading

  • Despite high revenue growth there are low margins of gross profit 
  • Persistent use of your bank overdraft facility
  • Extremely low inventory turnover percentage
  • Considerable increases in your ratio between payable and receivables days
  • Significant increase in your current percentage
  • Low levels of capacity utilization.

Causes of overtrading

When a trader or trading broker disregards the parameters of their plan, it may end up with overtrading. Without first examining their trading plan, they are inclined to boost their trading frequency, which could have negative effects. 

You may always modify your trading strategy to make it more stringent by introducing strict entry and exit criteria in order to avoid overtrading.

Overtrading can also be caused due to emotions such as:

  • Fear: Often individual traders may try to overtrade in an attempt to compensate for an anticipated loss.
  • Excitement: Sometimes, when the gold market suddenly moves very fast, traders are tempted to open their positions without doing any analysis.
  • Greed: If traders are constantly making a profit, then they want to make much more money.

How to avoid overtrading?

Having a comprehensive trading plan and risk management strategy is always recommended to avoid overtrading. Additional measures that you must take include the following:

  • Avoid emotional trading

Separate your trading decisions between rational and emotional ones, and support them with a thorough investigation.

  • Diversify your portfolio

If you frequently hold multiple positions open, diversifying your investment across various asset classes might help reduce risk.

  • Only use what you have

Select a comfortable risk threshold, refraining from exceeding affordable investment limits. Focus on unique goals, market influences, and available time and resources to invest wisely.

  • Manage your risk

You must also manage your risk and also your market expertise in your trading plan while you are investing or trading in the gold market.

Final word

You can begin trading now as you are more aware of the significance of your strategy and trading frequency. If you are ready to get started right away, then try to open a live trading account. If you want more practice on the trading then you can also open a risk-free demo account.