A business’s payroll operation is crucial. Ensuring your employees receive fair and timely compensation is your responsibility as an employer. Your duties might be very demanding, from keeping track of staff hours to figuring out salaries. Payroll systems play a role in this.

Many businesses today invest in reliable payroll solutions to make the process easier and more comfortable, rather than doing the task internally or contracting out the work to a bookkeeper. This guide reviews all the information you require about what these services provide and how to select one for your business.

Examining payroll services and their functions

A payroll firm is a service provider that automatically does various tasks for your business, including yearly taxes, payroll computations, payroll tax statements, and more. A full-service payroll provider also manages your employees’ deposits and withdrawals, reporting for new hires, and withholding and pay garnishments. With a reliable payroll system, paying full-time, part-time, and independent contractors is simpler. It enables professionals to handle your payroll while you concentrate on your company.

Additional payroll possibilities

  • In-house: Hiring an in-house accounting staff to manage your payroll is an excellent option if you run a big business with many employees. Because they are familiar with your company and its culture, your accounting staff will be able to grow and develop along with it. They are also quickly accessible during an emergency or a last-minute change.
  • Bookkeepers: Someone who prepares your account and manages your funds is known as a bookkeeper. This is a solution for small enterprises with few employees. Your company may be one of their numerous clients, or your bookkeeper may be an inside staff.
  • Online payroll: If you decide to handle your payroll, you can use various online services. This method will cost you less but will take longer because you will manually enter all the data and process the payroll.
  • Software: Payroll software, such as an online payroll service, takes time to input all the information. The software has automatic alternatives that save you more time than manually processing everything through an internet service. However, you must keep the software updated and scrutinize the results to ensure no errors.

Things to evaluate when choosing a payroll solution

Different payroll companies give different levels of service. Here are some specific qualities a payroll service should offer small businesses:


You should consider whether the service offers several payment choices, such as direct deposit, prepaid debit cards, and paper checks, in addition to managing all tax duties and payroll processing. It should also provide PTO management, garnishment payments, numerous wage rates, workers’ compensation administration, unemployment insurance, and comprehensive payroll reports, among other things.


The payroll service shouldn’t be complicated to use. It should have an intuitive user interface that enables quick payroll processing and employee addition.


It makes sense that firms would want to choose an affordable solution. You must decide if a contract is necessary in addition to the price. While some services only accept yearly commitments, many operate monthly with no long-term contracts. It’s also crucial to consider if you’ll pay monthly or each pay period. The price structure you select could have significant financial effects depending on how frequently you process payroll.


Choose a payroll services provider such as Boardroom with a proven history and positive internet testimonials; you’ll feel safer knowing the business has handled many payroll concerns.


You want a payroll service that syncs with the applications you already use, including time and attendance systems and accounting software.

Employee self-service

Practical payroll solutions enable self-login for employees to check their year-end tax forms and digital pay stubs.


Seek out a payroll service that offers assistance as required. You should inquire whether a specific support agent will be your primary contact


Due to online payroll systems’ cloud-based nature, businesses depend on the payroll provider to maintain the system operational. Find out from the provider how frequently the system goes down for maintenance and whether there are many outages.

Extra services

Some payroll service providers also offer various other services to add to your plan, including human resources, benefits administration, and retirement plan administration.

Questions to evaluate before selecting a payroll service

When looking for the best payroll service for your company, consider or ask the following queries of the provider:

How frequently are its tax tables updated to comply?

Knowing how frequently your payroll service changes its tax tables is essential because they alter as new laws are passed. Your payroll service provider must notify you whenever a new tax law occurs.

Does it have any other customers in your sector?

Find out if your prospective payroll provider’s clientele resembles your firm. If so, the company may have a competitive advantage as it has previously dealt with businesses similar to yours. However, you shouldn’t automatically rule out any services you’re considering because of a lack of experience in your industry.

Is it compatible with the employee benefits you provide?

Ask the payroll service if it can incorporate your employees’ benefits, like paid time off, into the software and workflow.

What protection measures are in place to protect the payroll data of your business?

Your payroll data consists of all the personal information about your employees and information about your company, and access to your business’s bank accounts. Consider security when evaluating payroll solutions. Your payroll provider must have top-notch security to shield your information from potential breaches.

How will it manage your organization as it expands?

Can your payroll solution accommodate a larger workforce as your business expands and hires more people? Inform your payroll service provider of your expectations and determine how business development will be considered.

The takeaway

You can use one of the various payroll outsourcing services in place of managing payroll internally. Using reliable payroll solutions, you can streamline processes like processing payroll, figuring payroll and costs, submitting taxes, handling deposits and withdrawals, reporting on new hires, and other crucial accounting-related duties.